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Please be sure to read carefully and understand all the rights and restrictions specified in the software license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement). Only when you accept the terms of this agreement, you have the right to download, install or use the software and related services. Once you install, copy, download, access or use this software, it will be deemed to be an acceptance of the agreement, which means you agree to accept all the terms of the agreement. Please do not install, copy or use the software if you are not intended to accept the terms of the agreement.

This agreement is a legal agreement between Shenzhen Youmingkai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Youmingkai”) on the user download, install and usage.

Scope of permission

Download, install and usage: This software is free of charge. User can download, install and use this software with no limitation for non-commercial purpose.

Copy, distribute and spread: User can copy, distribute and spread this software with nolimitation for non-commercial purpose. However user must ensure every single copy of the software has been completely and truly copied, distributed and spread, including all relative software, electronic documents, copyrights and trademarks, also including this Agreement.

Restriction of right

Forbid Reverse Engineering, Decompiling and Disassembling: Users cannot reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this software, at the same time, users cannot change any resource that is compiled in the program file. Unless laws and regulations expressly provided to allow the above activities, the user must obey this agreement.

Components segmentation: This software is permitted to be used as an entire product; user cannot use any component of this product for any other purpose.

Individual authorization: For commercial sales, reproduction, distribution, including but not limited to software sales, pre-loaded, binding etc., must obtain the written authorization and licensing from Youmingkai.

Reservation of rights: All rights dose not expressly authorized by this agreement belongs to Youmingkai. Users use any other right must obtain the written permission from Youmingkai.

Usage notice for user

This software support GPS tracking devices manufactured by Youmingkai, provides services include location information of the device, remote monitoring and Geo-fence, SOS, low battery alerts of the GPS tracking devices etc.

Use this software to view the built-in Google maps,track and trace, sending voice message, alert and other information, will cause corresponding network data fee and charged by the operators. The daily usage of Youmingkai GPS tracking device, will regularly report the location information to the relevant server, and this will generate corresponding data fee, but no other fee will be charged.

This software contains function of tracking: After initialization, the GPS tracking device will start to report the location to the relevant server through the network operator;


Check locations reported today: Enter the map; it will display the present locations by default. This page also shows all the location information of GPS tracking device within today that received by relevant server.

Check track history: By setting up different time period, you can check the tracking history in the past.

Remote monitor functions: Insert a SIM card and turn on the GPS tracking device, the device will connect to this software via relevant server. Remote monitor includes following functions:

Tracking device locating: After you enter map interface, software will automatically get the last position information of the GPS tracking device from relevant server and display it.

The software contains automatic alert function: Relevant server will send corresponding notice to you according to information upload by GPS tracking device, including the following alert types:

Low battery alert: When GPS tracking device battery lower than a threshold value, relevant server will send an alert to you.

Charging alert: When GPS tracking device battery lower than a threshold value, relevant server will send an alert to remind you charge the device.

Monitor alert: When GPS tracking device wearer press "SOS" button to call for help, relevant server will send an alert to you.

Geo-fence: When GPS tracking device wearer enters or leaves geo-fence, relevant server will send an alert to you.

This software only compatible with operate systems that announced on official website of Youmingkai. User can uninstall the software if they want to delete this software after installation for any reason.

Software modifications and upgrades: Youmingkai reserves the right to provide the user with a modified or update version of this software. The software update may generate corresponding network data cost, which is charged by the network operator.

This software does not contain any malicious code designed to destroy the data of users and accessprivacy information of users; does not contain any code to monitor or control users' phone; will not collect personal documents and files of users; will not disclose user privacy.

Users should obey the laws and this agreement when using this software. Users do not have right to take following actions including but not limited to:

Delete or change the electronic information of all rights management in the software;

Deliberately avoiding or destroying the technical measures adopted to protect the copyright of this software;

Use this software to mislead, deceive others;

In violation of state regulations, delete, modify, add or interfere computer information system function, leads to malfunction of computer information system which results to not running normally;

Without permission, access to computer information network or the use of computer information network resources;

Without permission, delete, modify or add computer information network function;

Without permission, delete, modify or add the data and application of the computer information network, storage, processing or transmission of data and applications;

Damage the normal operation of the software system or website, intentionally spreading computer viruses and other destructive procedures.

All other actions harmful to computer network security;

For software download from station that is not specified by Youmingkai or via media that is not published by Youmingkai, Youmingkai cannot guarantee that the software is not infected with computer virus, or no hidden disguised Troy Trojans or hacking software. Using such software would likely lead to unpredictable risk. It is recommended that users do not download, install, and use the software from unauthorized media. Youmingkai does not take any legal responsibility arising therefrom.

Privacy protection

In order to improve the user experience, and offer goodservice to mobile phone users, in the context of the user's personal privacy will not be involved, Youmingkai will use the following way to gather and use your tracking device related information:

Adding geo-fence: For the user’s convenience when adding the geo-fence of the device wearer, the software gets your location and provides it as recommended adding area.

Get contact list and call record: For the user’s convenience when adding guardian numbers to GPS tracking device, the software gets your contact list and call logs, and provides them as options for guardian numbers.

Tracking map: To show you the tracking route of terminal device wearer, the software stores tracking history of GPS tracking device on the related server.Due to the storage space limit, Youmingkai may regularly organize delete of the information.

Battery alert: This software requires the GPS tracking device to upload battery information to the relevant server automatically, and remind you to pay attention to the battery status and in time charging, by push notifications. Because the storage space limit, Youmingkai may regularly organize delete of the information.

Location alert: This software requires the GPS tracking device to upload the location information to the relevant server automatically. Under certain conditions, to remind you to focus on the location of the GPS tracking device wearer by push notifications. This information saves in relative server. Because the storage space limit, Youmingkai may regularly organize delete of the information.

Youmingkai developed strict user information uploading process rules and security measures to ensure that the user information is not collected beyond the purpose and scope, ensure the uploading security and the information not being misused. Unless user requires upon agreement or the law specified, Youmingkai will not provide any user information to any third party.

Youmingkai developed the following for privacy protection principles, guide us how to deal with the problem involved in the user's privacy and user information and other aspects of the products:

Use the information we collect to provide customers with valuable products and services.

Develop products that comply with the standards of privacy and the privacy right practices.

Transparently collect personal information, and supervised by the authorized third party.

Do our best to protect the information we have.

Program error log report: When a program has an unexpected error or crash, an error log is automatically generated. This helps to locate the program error or the cause of the crash, and improve product quality. When a user is required to report an error log, the software will ask the user if the user agrees to submit. If the user does not agree, it will not be reported. Error log is the software in the presence of errors or crashes recorded during the operation contains only the program itself. It does not involve any business information and any user's personal data.

Exemption and limitation of liability

Once user confirms that he/she knows all the functions of the software and the necessary operation taken by Youmingkai to achieve those functions, the risk and all the consequences would lead to as the use of the software and related service will be fully taken by the user, Youmingkai will not take any responsibility.

This software has been done with meticulous tests, but we cannot guarantee that all the software and hardware system are fully compatible, and the software will be running without any error. For incompatibility or software error, user can call technical support number and report the situation to Youmingkai for technical support. If the problem cannot be solved, user can delete this software.

The maximum extent permitted by applicable law, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damage, loss of business profits, loss of business interruption, loss of business information, or any other economic loss due to the use of this software, Youmingkai will not take any responsibility.

For the loss caused by the failure of the telecommunications system or the Internet, computer failure or virus, information damage or loss, computer system problems or any other loss caused by force majeure reasons, Youmingkai will not take any responsibility.

If users violate the provisions of this agreement, and cause loss to Youmingkai. Youmingkai has the right to take actions including but not limited to: stop providing service, limit usage of the software, legal procedures and other measures.

Law and dispute resolution

This Agreement shall apply to the law of the People's Republic of China

Where any dispute arising from or in dispute with this Agreement shall be settled through friendly consultation, any party may submit the dispute to the local court which has jurisdiction over this agreement.

Other terms

If any provision of this Agreement shall be deemed to be deleted from because it is fully or partially invalid or cannot be executed by any reason, or in violation of any applicable law, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

Youmingkai as the right to change the agreement according to the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the adjustment of the company's operating conditions and business strategy. Modified agreement will be published on official website of Youmingkai. The agreement is consistent to the latest version of agreement. User can delete the software if he/she does not agree with the agreement. If the user continues to use this software, it will be deemed to be accepted the change in the agreement.

Youmingkai has the maximum rights permitted by law of interpretation and amendment to this agreement.

Shenzhen Youmingkai Technology Co., Ltd.